"One of the hardest decisions I will ever make is which fictional character I’m going to name my child after."
-if babae, baka Denaerys,
pag lalaki, ipapangalan ko agad sa tatay nya HAHAHAH para walang lusot tapos i ju’ junior ko na din HAHAHAHHAHAH

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"I love you so much that I’m scared to tell you because I don’t think you feel the same way. I’m scared to lose your friendship because that might be all I will ever get."

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It feels so wrong
But absolutely right
To want your body, soul and mind

My heart skips a beat
And dances out of rhythm
When my name leaves your lips

I want your hands perfectly fitted into mine
Your touch
Sends electricity through my body
As if you’ve set fire to my soul

Your voice is a song
Written for my heart
My favourite lullaby
Left on repeat

Every memory with you is unforgettable
As you are irreplaceable
You can never be unwritten
Every part of you has been etched into eternity and can never be erased from my heart

-To the boy who will never love me 

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